Park Rules

Sun up to Sun down

  • Picnic areas must be clean and orderly after use.
  • Dogs and cats must be under constraint at all times.
  • Fires may be built only in grills and must be attended to at all times. All fires must be extinguished prior to leaving.
  • Cars and trucks are not allowed on walking trail.
  • Mini bikes, dirt bikes and ATVs are prohibited.
  • Skate boards and bicycles must give right of way to others.
  • Structures, plants and natural features may not removed, damaged or defaced.
  • No littering or dumping is allowed.
  • Beer, alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited.
  • Firearms, fireworks or explosives of any kind is prohibited.
  • No person may hunt, trap or endanger animals in any way.
  • Sales, solicitations or placements of signs within the park requires permission from the Town of Bell Buckle.
  • No camping or overnight parking is permitted without prior permission from the Town of Bell Buckle.