Bell Buckle Park Scarecrow Festival Entry Rules

Important Information
Scarecrows reflecting controversial, social, religious or political opinions or statements will not be accepted. * The Bell Buckle Park reserves the right to remove any scarecrow it deems offensive or inappropriate.

Scarecrow Contest Category Descriptions
1. Clubs, Not-for-profits, and Schools: Whether your organization is for adults or young people, school, fraternal group, sports team or any other not-for-profit cause, this category lets designers use any materials to create a scarecrow display of any theme.
2. Individuals: Open to entries created by one or more individuals not affiliated with a business or organization
3. Business: Open to for-profit businesses. Display may reflect & promote business, may be traditionally or whimsically themed, and constructed of any materials.

Contest Rules
Each category has a limited number of entries with attention given to the visual appeal of the display AND public safety. If Max entries is reached we will review and contact individuals not selected. Each application will be reviewed for appropriateness of message and you will be contacted if any question regarding your selected theme arises.
***Entries will be reviewed for appropriateness following set-up and SHOULD a display be found to be offensive, controversial, political, etc., creators will be asked to either change its message or remove the display. The Bell Buckle Park reserves the right to remove any such displays not in keeping with these rules.

***All entries will receive a 6’ wide x 6’ deep space. NO EXCEPTIONS!
***The Bell Buckle Park & Town of Bell Buckle is not responsible for the scarecrows throughout the weekend.
***NO hand-outs at your contest display other than Halloween candy! Flyers & other hand-outs are only given out by sponsors or vendors only.
***All entries can be set up beginning on Thursday Oct 28th and no later then 10:00am on Saturday. All entries must be completed and set up by 10am Saturday.
***Any Scarecrow NOT removed by 8am Monday Nov. 1st will be discarded
***One entry per category per person, family, business or organization. Entries in multiple categories are permitted. Theme/Signage
***Scarecrow(s) for display may reflect a special theme and/or promote a not-for-profit organization, event or business.
***Scarecrows must be in good taste & constructed to withstand the weather.
***Signage may be displayed to identify or promote your business, event or organization. Please use weatherproof signs! Design
***Scarecrow entries/designs must be NEW each year.
***The Bell Buckle Park Board reserves the right to change the category if the scarecrow does not meet the criteria of submitted category.
***No items such as tiki torches or gas-powered generators allowed, Jack O lanterns are allowed with battery powered light inside.
***All categories may display lights (powered by batteries only)

Check-in and Set-up
***All entries will be assigned a location/business pairing, based on design layout created by the Bell Buckle Park Board.
***Set-up starts Thursday Oct 28th Set-up details will be emailed by October 22nd.
***A sign will be provided for voting purposes (e.g.: Individual Category F-10) at your assigned display location.

Tear Down
***Tear down is Sunday, Oct. 31st Any remaining scarecrows as of Monday@8am will be discarded.
***We suggest you claim your entry on Sunday

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