Amphitheater Rental

Rental Fees
Stage only – no lighting or sound useage* Non-profit $ 150 & $ 100 security deposit (refundable) + 10% gross For profit $ 250 & $ 250 security deposit (refundable) + 15% gross

Entire facility including lighting, sound, electrical** Non-profit $350 & $100 security deposit (refundable) + 10% gross For profit $600 & $250 security deposit (refundable) + 15% gross

*Those needing set up or electrical set up must have prior approval from the Bell Buckle Park Board. If an engineer is needed, the cost will be the responsibility of the lessee. The refundable deposit will be refunded if there is not damage to the park grounds and park rules have been followed.

Rentals are made at Town Hall on a first come, first serve basis.

Holidays and other designated days (event days) may be excluded from rentals. If not picking up deposit refund in person, a SASE will be requested at time of rental to return the deposit. Please call Bell Buckle Town Hall to reserve the Amphitheater at 931-389-9513