May 11, 2017
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March 8, 2021
Bell Buckle loves Independence Day and celebrates in an old fashioned, neighborly way with great music, a fabulous venue, free admission, and the biggest, brightest fireworks in the area!

A night filled with magic, and in the manner that would make our forefathers proud. That’s how Bell Buckle celebrates the Fourth of July. Patriotism runs high throughout the night and especially with the recitation of the Declaration of Independence. Ever since this tradition began years ago, this recitation brings old and young alike to their feet and ends with thunderous applause. It’s why we get to celebrate! It’s why this day is important!

The fun starts at the award winning Bell Buckle Park. Bring a chair or rent one and settle in around the Amphitheater and the star filled sky and just start enjoying the moment. There will be “Bell Buckle Happy Meals” offered at a minimal price - a hamburger and hot dog cook out at the concessions. The Bell Buckle Park Amphitheater offers an incredible line up of music and entertainment for the evening. The fun gets started with local favorite Escape Heating up the stage after that is the area’s hardest hitting classic rock band Speakeasy. You definitely want to come join the boys for a night of rock-n-roll under the stars!

After the bands quiet down, as the recitation of the Declaration of Independence ends, the best Fireworks display around begins. The brilliance of the lights reflect the pride in the faces of all those that attend. The best, the brightest, the biggest explosion of fireworks and fun are in Bell Buckle. Bell Buckle celebrates with music, family and friends, and of course, fireworks. A night under the stars at the Bell Buckle Amphitheater on July 4th from 5pm – 9:30pm. It’s a night where we’re all proud to be American.

Bell Buckle celebrates the Fourth of July the way it’s SUPPOSED TO BE! Celebrate America in Bell Buckle with good music, great people, good food, great venue, and free admission. Bet you leave with a smile on your face!

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